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Between life and death

mysticBetween life and death

This is where we are. Just like the Universe, we are everlasting. We come to this world, we grow up, we die just to be born again. A perpetuum mobile.

You will take me for a strange object or for an awkward happening. But come next to me. Come just like grandchildren come next to their grandparents when invited to listen to stories. Stories with mesmerizing princesses and fearless knights struggling between good and evil, love and hatred.

Have you ever looked carefully at yourself ? Have you ever watched your hands ? Raise them in the air and take a good look at them. Your life is in your hands.

Have you ever glimpsed at your face in the mirror ? Your face is the offspring of your parents’ love.

Have you ever wondered ? Who am I ? Really, who am I ? Do you really think you are 20, 45, 78 or 9 ?

We are time travellers. Born of two cells which haphazardly met each other. Cells born of other cells, springing from cells as old as ages, bearing with them stories. The stories of our ancestors… Somewhere in time. This is where our roots are. Life and death are both en-captured in our cells.

We live life as bearers of our own unique stories and of our dear ones. Stories of those who made our lives possible.

You can hear your heart beating. Sometimes at a gallop, sometimes serenely and at peace with itself.

Our life is a refined weave of other lives, of failures and successes, love and betrayals, promises and lies, struggles or defeats. We bear inside us melancholic or philosophic thoughts, simplicity and grandeur.

Love is indifference towards hatred.

There is no peace without wars. Simplicity goes hand in hand with splendour.

Knowledge comes out of ignorance.

Art is beauty s longing to stay immortal forever.

Observe time. Take a clock and follow its seconds: tic-tac, tic-tac.

A child was born this very second, breathing life; a man and a woman commit to each other, others are soon to be divorced, a new medicine is being discovered, a new song is being written, a soul goes to the world beyond.

Do you know how important a second is ?

Seconds are vital.

Not hours. Nor days or years.

A single second can make the difference between life and death.

Between life and death. This is where we are.

The difference is given by the seconds in which we understand who we are.

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