Conditional Tutorial

Conditional Tutorial

There are two kinds of conditional sentences: real and unreal. Real Conditional describes real-life situations. Unreal Conditional describes unreal, imaginary situations. Although the various conditional forms might seem quite abstract at first, they are actually some of the most useful structures in English and are commonly included in daily conversations. If you prefer to use the conditional pages as a reference only and do not want to complete the tutorial, Click Here.

The tutorial should be completed as follows:

1. Read this introduction page.

2. Prepare for the exercises by reading the descriptions of the different conditional forms.


“If” vs. “When”

Present Unreal Conditional

Present Real Conditional and Present Unreal Conditional

Past Unreal Conditional

Past Real Conditional and Past Unreal Conditional

Present Unreal Conditional
and Past Unreal Conditional

Future Real Conditional

Future Real Conditional
and Future Unreal Conditional

Continuous Conditional Forms

Mixed Conditionals

“Were to” in Past, Present and Future

All Conditional Forms

Conditional Overview with Examples

Present Real Conditional Present Unreal Conditional
If I have time, I study English.
Sometimes I have time.
If I had time, I would study English.
I don’t have time.
Past Real Conditional Past Unreal Conditional
If I had time, I studied English.
Sometimes I had time.
If I had had time, I would have studied English.
I didn’t have time.
Future Real Conditional Future Unreal Conditional
If I have time, I will study English.
If I have time, I am going to study English.
I don’t know if I will have time or not. 

Other forms possible.
If I had time, I would study English.
I won’t have time. 

Other forms possible.


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