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Business graduate desperate for work is selling himself on eBay… for a mere £60 a day

workA business graduate is so desperate for work he is selling himself – on eBay.

Alex Balasa, 26, gained a 2:1 degree but since losing his job before Christmas he has been unable to find work despite looking not just in his hometown, Coventry, but across the UK.

He has now resorted to advertising himself on eBay for £60-a-day – the equivalent of £7.50-an-hour. Mr Balasa Alex lists his skills as electronics, computing and marketing as well as acting and cooking.

Desperate for work, Alex Balasa has taken to eBay where he is offering his service for £60 a day

He said: ‘At the start of this year I had nothing left, no place to stay, no job, no money, no income. After a hard few months I am now trying to rebuild my life and am advertising myself wherever I can – like eBay.

‘It’s a bit of a risk, but I like taking risks. People can buy me for a day, a week or a month. It is all about working for me. I just want to make something of myself again.’


Alex ran a successful pizza restaurant in his home city of Bucharest, Romania, before moving to Coventry with his wife last October.

However, the couple split up at Christmas when she left him for another man and he lost his job at a pizza restaurant.

His advert states ‘I sell myself – my time and my knowledge, buy me’. He describes himself as a ‘hard worker / workaholic’ and ‘smart / professional’.

Alex’s skills include computing, hardware, software, fixing computers, web design, driving, acting and cooking.


On his eBay profile he admits that a business venture failed in 2007 but Mr Balasa says he's ready to work hard for anyone that will pay himOn his eBay profile he admits that a business venture failed in 2007 but Mr Balasa says he’s ready to work hard for anyone that will pay him

His ad says: ‘My name is Alex, I’m a self-employed European (EU) and I’m selling myself for 8 hours. Can work days and nights, indefinite time, fully flexible.

‘I can give good professional advice for opening a store, a pizza shop or making a business work. Just buy me and use me! ‘Thank you and hope you’re good enough to use me wisely!’

Alex admits on his advert that his first business went bankrupt in 2007 and that since getting married he has ‘lost everything’.

He said: ‘When I was younger I spent a lot of money studying. Instead of playing with my friends I was studying so I am trained to do a lot of things. I just want to work.’

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